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Yes, our tamales are great, and yes, we used to have someone by the name of Angel here, but that is not the reason for our name. 
When the cooks first began making tamales, neither of them knew exactly how to make them.  The church was having some financial struggles and a family member worked at a large company and told them to try making tamales and she would try to sell them.  Jose and Margaret (the pastors), had each watched their mothers make tamales and had an idea of how to make them.  They tried many batches, but none of them worked.  So, they prayed.  Yes, they prayed.  Then they started cooking again, and came up with the recipe they use to this day. God sent the Israelites manna from heaven when they were in need.  God send the Mexican church a great recipe for tamales to help in times of need.  And tamales have helped out many a time to pay the bills of our church.  When we decided to open a storefront, we thought of many other names, but we kept coming back to Tamales from Heaven, our manna from heaven in a time of need.